Nov 29

Everyone needs a rainbro

Animated GIF for all of my rainbro's out there

Animated GIF for all of my rainbro’s out there #Rainbro #Freelancelife

This is a small animated GIF dedicated to all of my fellow graphic designers, creatives and rainbro’s who add colour to my life every day.

It is really important when you are a freelancer to maintain contact with other humans. To share ideas and discuss things that have been inspiring you. I’m lucky that I get to weekly have lunch and idea jam with my friend Cari at Paperplane Collective she has inspired me to get out of my rut and start up my own personal projects. Love you Cari!

This is just the start of what I hope will be weekly posts of something that was just for fun and was created with love and rainbows.

Quick instructions on how to make a GIF out of vectors.

The frames were created in Illustrator and it was animated using the timeline function in Photoshop.
I chose to create the images in Illustrator starting with the final frame, then removed elements/part of the paths to create the next frame on separate artboards.

  1. Create your artwork in Illustrator using artboards for each individual frame
  2. Export all as png or jpeg
  3. Open Photoshop and load all images using File > Scripts > Load files into stack
  4. Make sure timeline is turned on. Window > Timeline
  5. Click on the Create frame animation button in the middle of the timeline
  6. Timeline options, make frames from layers
  7. From here too will be able to edit all of the individual frame settings
  8. Export for web and save as a GIF