Policy with Purpose

Policy with Purpose Peer2Peer Learning is a fresh take on workplace education delivered through online courses that focus on peer-based collaborative learning. The courses are divided into four different learning streams:
Housing, Community –Core Skills, Community –Practitioner, and Case Management.

Policy with Purpose believe that frontline staff are the experts in their roles, so they structure the online learning experience to make the most of peer expertise. Clients can expect to receive evidence-based, data-driven, outcome-focused learning in a user-friendly online environment.

To learn more about Peer2Peer Learning, watch the introductory video here, or click here to download the free resource Seven Steps to Effective Operational Policy from the Policy with Purpose website.

Services that I’ve provided to Policy with Purpose include:

  • logo design
  • branding
  • Moodle website development and design
  • ebook
  • branded corporate documents
  • course design and resources
  • podcast recording and editing
  • animation